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About Kiev

Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine (population is about 3.5 million of people) and its largest economical, political, educational and cultural center. Traveling to this beautiful and unusual city may be one of the most pleasurable experiences in life.

1.Where to start.
Kiev starts from its main street - Kreshchatyk that leaves a strong impression of the Soviet architecture wich dominates here. Unfortunately, the original street with historical buildings was destroyed during Second World War and was rebuilt after in pure soviet style. Huge enormous building with wide pavements are to symbolize the strength of communizm. The focal point of Kreshchatyk is Independence Square, which now looks more like a shrine to capitalism with its large neon signs and shiny shopping centres.

2.Where to go in the center
St Sophia’s church situated in 5-10 minutes walking from Independent Square and is one of the most sacred places of Kiev. It was built in 1037 by Prince Yaroslav, one of Kiev’s most celebrated leaders. The remains of the prince lie in the main church which is no longer used for religious purposes, the whole site now being a museum complex. In front of St.Sofia stands Mikhailivsky monastery, one of the most beautiful and remarkable for tourists places in Kiev. Walking a little bit further from Mikailivsky monastry towards Volodymirska hill you will find city park with unforgettable sightseeing over river Dniper.

If you walk along Desiatynna street you will come to St.Andrew's church, created on 18th century by Rastrelli, the Italian architect famous also for the Winter Palace in St Petersburg. He built this church in honour of Kiev’s most famous saint. St.Andrew's church is probably the single ortodox church that has no bells. Due to old legend, the bell ringing at this place will lead to tremendous flood and Kiev's sinking under water.

Street after St.Andrews church is called Andrew’s descent which connects the upper and lower parts of the city and is one of the oldest in Kiev. This is the home of local artists and painters with plenty of street exgibitions. This is the best place for buying souvenirs. Descent ends on Podil - the oldest and the most charming Kiev district with Dniper embankment. Almost all people in Kiev prefer walking here.

3.Outside the center
Pecherska Lavra and Cave Monastery. This monastery was begun in the 11th century by St Anthony who started it off by living in a cave on the hilly banks of the Dneiper. The spectacular and colourful architecture (Ukrainian Baroque) plus long history and amazing sightseeings now make it a pilgrimage for tourists as well as Orthodox worshippers who can also see a lot of museams here: old books, historical jevelry etc.

The museum of Folk Architecture in Pirogovo. This outdoor museum located about 30 minutes drive south of Kiev, is a delight that you could easily spend the whole day walking and exploring its exposition They’ve gathered original houses, wooden mills, farm buildings and a churches - from all over the country and constructed a small village for each of the traditional regions of Ukraine.


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